Macaron-HAir – new hair trend 2016



  Macaron Hair is  pastel-colored hair with not 	just one col­or, but rainbow 	like unicorn-mane color 	assambly.
Macaron Hair is
pastel-colored hair with not just one col­or, but rainbow like unicorn-mane color assambly.

One of the first trends that took over this year was the so called macaron-colored-hair trend. Not that no one saw it coming, hair trends were going crazy and crazier over the past few years.

My personal opinion is: If you like it, go for it. It’s pretty and looks great on photos too. It could also be for you if your up for some Festivals this year.

And if you worry to damage you hair, well my best friend always used to say: It’s just Hair. What’s the matter? Its growing back. *taking a zip of her unicorn lemonade. Not giving a f*** on peoples thoughts*

It might not be everybodys taste but you should dress and try what you like. Other people rocked it and so can you.


What is fashion? From an artistic point of view its’s a form of ugliness that we have to change every six months.“                                            Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), irish Writer

// Fashion exerts a fascination on people. Most try to run after every trend to dress in style and to be part of the crowd. Fashion is a statement, it shows who we are and even if we dress like we don’t care and it wouldn’t what we look like, we still make Statement. Other people try deliberately to go against the trend, they dress consciously different to get noticed. There are also people who try to break the old trend and establish a new one. Every six months these people show the world their creations, whether on the catwalks in NewYork, Milan or Paris, or even in the malls. \\

Even if fashion gets out of fashion, it’s already fashion again.“                                     Karl Lagerfeld (*1938), german fashion designer

// Fashion is art. Fashion designers are artists, instead of brush and paint they chose needle and thread and replaced the screen with the human body. They make the impossible possible, create shapes and colors which leave you speechless. But the real art is not to do the impossible, it’s to make people think the unusal is the newest trend. \\

“If something repulsive is modern, it is immediately appealipng.”                                  Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) spanish Painter

// Fashion is politics. Fashion designers are politicians. When Coco Chanel shortened the hem and refused the corset it was revolutionary. Clothing depends on the politics and the Zeitgeist and so are the politics and the Zeitgeist directed by fashion. We show depending on how we attract who we are and what we believe in, even if we are naked, we express our Opinions. \\

//To be in the trend people would do almost everything. Only when it becomes trend to be in the trend it get’s confusing. But basically, fashion is a feeling. People feel how to dress and to wear with what they feel comftorable with. You feel beautiful, you find things embarrassing, you’re astonished of the courage of others, you fall in love, get lost and get the feeling to be home.//

In her most beautiful dress no woman gets cold.”                                                                  Coco Chanel (1883-1971)